Business Branding is Key

Business Branding

Making your business memorable is key to remaining in your customers minds. Your branding can be a key building block to your business success and should never be overlooked.

We design, redesign, enhance and revitalise. The best branding is simple branding but the biggest companies move with the times and enhance when needed. Simple changes can gain great results.

What do you want to say?

Building a great business is reliant on getting noticed for everything you do and say. Your branding can trigger emotional responses that can be the key to success or a pathway to being forgotten. Great branding can ensure that your customers want your service rather than your competitors.

Great brand identity will communicate the quality and virtues of your business. We create great branding by researching your business, your competition and your desired results. Business branding is what we do! From complete rebranding of an outdated look to starting from a blank page for a new business, we will help get you noticed for the right reasons!

    Packaging & Invoicing

    From cups to receipts, we get you noticed


    Bags, cups, pens, menus, invoicing etc. – all invaluable to reinforcing your companies name. This is advertising space that should never be overlooked. This advertisement space will get you noticed time and time again – for the right reasons, if you choose the right designer for your business. We specialse in growing businesses by use of the right colours, trends, fonts and more.

    Advertising is a specialised area that should never be an after-thought. Businesses grow or dwindle in direct proportion to the advertising efforts that they maintain. Restaurants and take-aways are one of the few businesses that can easily get their branding out to the world by making use of items that are key to day to day business. A pizza box is so much more that just a container for a great pizza – it’s a bulletin board for success.


    Don’t overlook the power of a poster as a customer waits to collect on order. The right poster will give them a great reason to come back! Daily deals, loyalty promotions and more can all be used to reinforce your business branding and encourage customers to make a bigger purchase or to return to buy more… all this while getting subliminal brand reinforcement into their brains… it’s a winning success ticket.


    Flyers & Menus

    Branded leaflet drops and great restaurant menus are still a great way of getting your message across. Subliminal brand reinforcement is easy with the right logos and designs. Effective design is based around leaving the right message in customer (or potential customers) minds. Deals and promotions are just part of it – the idea is to ensure that you are not forgotten. They know you are there – when needed!

    Why is Branding Important?

    It’s all about being remembered – for the right reasons. The right business branding will increase your sales by ensuring that you are not forgotten. It does not matter if it is by use of a poster, menu, receipt or leaflet… the idea with all branding is that your advertising remains in the minds of your customers or potential customers. Logos and branding that have too much going on tend to be easier to forget. The best branding is simple branding that speaks volumes. Your customers should be able to relate your service by just a glance at your logo.

    Competition makes it hard to stand out but the food industry, in particular, can make it hard to stand out from the crowd. We help with everything from concept to re-branding and getting you noticed.


    Helping you grow your brand

    Online ordering systems is a part of who have been helping businesses grow for 15 years. We know what is needed to get you noticed – both online and offline. We grow when our clients grow and we have been doing this for a very long time so you know you are in safe hands when you choose us to help grow your brand.

    We offer easy Website Design & Branding for Restaurants and more. All our Websites can come packaged with the latest Online Ordering Systems Functionality. Let us help you today!

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