SMS Marketing

Simple & Affordable

SMS (Text) marketing is a simple way to get heard.
Most restaurant and takeaway customers (just like you and I) read their texts!

Marketing is just about getting heard. All too often, leaflet drops and bulk email sends just end up in one place – the bin! It’s easy to overlook the value of a text message. Text messages get read. If you send the right message, at the right time, you will get business – simple! We can help you reach your target audience. Knowing your target markets preferences, when they’re hungry, when they are paid, or when you have an offer too good to resist are all elements that can make the difference between business growth and business failure. We have a dedicated, qualified, business analyst to ensure that your business can get the most from your SMS marketing campaign.


SMS Marketing works time and time again…Why?

SMS marketing provide a different form of platform to get noticed. You can get your offers out to your customers at the the best possible time. It is easy to remind your customers to order or even to reward your loyal customers with bonus offers. You can easily encourage new visits to your websites or promote the sale of stock you need to up sell. The key beneficial factor to SMS Marketing is that it provides a portal between you and your customers that is most likely to be read – when you send it. This is far different to old leaflet drops, email send or social media marketing – all of which tend to have a slower, more sporadic time to impact (if at all). We tailor our marketing services to the needs of our customers and offer a wide selection of SMS Marketing options to suit your needs. We offer both managed and unmanaged packages meaning that you have the option to send the messages yourself or let us take care of everything… we are here to help, always!

Our SMS Marketing Services

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Should I Try Text Message Marketing?

Whether you’re a restaurant or a takeaway, it is likely that you could use more customers. With our tailored SMS campaigns, you can spend less to grow your customer base. With the help of our qualified business analyst, you can be guided in the best use of SMS marketing to suit your individual needs.

In short, Text Message Marketing is a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and when guided in its use, you will gain the outcomes your business needs.

Let us help you grow your business through SMS/Text Message Marketing.

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